Thai Interpuff & Brush Co., Ltd. has been established in 2006 in response to the growing demand of cosmetics and baby products industry around the world. We are a professional manufacturer of all types of products under 3 main categories that are baby products, cosmetic puffs & sponges and brushes. Our parent company is Thaiviwat Plastic Industry (1989) Co., Ltd., specializing in plastic products for various industries. We provide both our own brand and OEM products. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, our factory is equipped with the most advanced technology that facilitates smooth and efficient production. We not only strive to continuously invest in high technologies and improve operations process, but also focus on effective staff training and development in order to ensure excellent quality. 

Besides our main operation in injection and blow molding, we also provide services including mold fabrication and tooling, decor printing on product components together with assembly line and packing. This allows us to be a complete manufacturer providing products with exceptional quality both local and international markets.

Currently, Thai Interpuff & Brush is exporting to various countries across regions. Our company has always focused on research, development, innovation and being environmentally friendly in everything we do. We place a great emphasis on reasonable price, efficient production time, high quality products and excellent service. We believe in building long-term relationship with our partners and delivering the highest customer satisfaction has always been our goal.